Deathloop – Two Birds One Stone – Official Gameplay Trailer 2 | PS5

Did you get your Pre order in for the PS5 secured? I’m still trying to order mine but the retailers are still sold out. Sony just released some new sneak preview into a video game called Deathloop that is being released for the PlayStation 5 that is coming out in November.

Here is the Information from the YouTube channel and the video below

24 Hours. 8 Targets. 1 Rival Assassin See how Colt tackles the problem of getting two Visionaries – Aleksis and Egor – in the same place at the same time. There are 8 Visionaries responsible for keeping the timeloop going. 8 people that have to die to make things right, and thanks to the timeloop, you’ve only got one day to take them all out or the loop resets. But the targets are spread out across the island and are often only accessible at certain points throughout the day. So how can you possibly eliminate them all in time? The solution won’t be easy, but with some practice (and quite a few resets) you’ll be able to solve the puzzle of Blackreef and break the loop. If At First You Don’t Succeed… Die, Die Again.

Will you be buying this game when its released? It looks like a super fun game and I will be trying it out.

Please comment below what games you are looking forward to for the PS5 and if you have already ordered your PlayStation 5

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