Sony PS5 Showcase Event – Watch Live at 4PM September 16

Will you be pre ordering the new PS5 when it comes available? I’m waiting for the pre orders to go live so I can secure my PS5. Comment below under Facebook comments if you are buying the new Playstation 5 and what games you will be getting with it.

Sony will host a showcase of upcoming launch and future game titles before the release of their next-gen console, the Playstation 5. Last week, Microsoft gave us all the specs on its X Box Series X and S prior to its release in November. Sony has yet to announce the full hardware specs on the PS5.

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pre order ps5

I’m also hosting a PS5 giveaway once its released and I’m able to purchase one. I will be selecting one lucky winner to get their PS5. If you would like to be updated when the PS5 Pre Orders go live, join our mailing list and be the first ones updated.

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