The History of Sony Consoles: From the Beginning

History of PlayStation Gaming Consoles
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Sony has released tons of consoles, from PlayStation Vita, to the upcoming release now of the new PlayStation 5 of 2020. Sony started from the lowest of the low, before even the Nintendo Wii Console was released (2006). Sony was literally the start of History before Microsoft even invented the Xbox (2001). I am going to explain what started the internet: what started the gaming console industry.
Release Date: 1994 (20th century, with the 21st century upcoming)
It all started from the first PlayStation they invented: the PlayStation 1. People went crazy, and it was all over the news for 1994. It was literally the game changer, the century blow. It was what literally started ‘games’ and ‘gamers’ in the first place.

“The game-changing PlayStation sported a sleek design and CD format, meaning games were bigger, 3D-capable and with superior sound to what came before it. Within a decade, PlayStation became the first games console in history to sell over 100 million units worldwide.” Sony Entertainment
After the big blow from the PlayStation 1, there was also the PlayStation controller with four shoulder buttons instead of the standard two; Designer Teiyu Goto’s PlayStation Controller gave developers the potential to explore more gameplay possibilities. It was followed by the Dual Analog Controller (1997), and then the original DUALSHOCK (1997).

PlayStation was one of the first consoles to use external memory cards, leading to the creation of PocketStation in 1998, a memory card with a built in LCD screen and basic controls for mini games. It was like a Nintendo 3DS but for the near 21st century. This was like an early version of the Gameboy (1989).

Release Date: 2000 (21st century)

Release Date: 2004 (Japan), 2005 (US, Europe)

Becoming the most powerful handheld console on the market when it was released, PlayStation Vita featured a sparkling five-inch OLED touch screen, alongside two full

The 21st century was the competition between developers, gamers, and console creators. Just after 2016, the race between Sony PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Xbox began. Now, in 2020, we are awaiting the blow in this competition that will overthrow competitors: the PlayStation 5.

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