When is the PS5 available for Pre Order?

When is the PS5 available for Pre Order? According to Sony the new PlayStation 5 will be released near the 2020 Holiday season. This means that the pre-orders for the ps5 should be going live really soon. I can’t wait to get my pre order in. I been a Playstation fan since PS1 and I still have all the consoles, I can’t find the time to play them all.

My main console right now is the PS4 and got about a handful games I go back and fort on. I’m trying to get my wife more into gaming but she needs lots of practice and doesn’t seem to have the drive for it, I guess you gotta have gaming in your blood lol.

When is the PS5 available for Pre Order?

The last few playstation releases I missed my chance and had to wait when they got back into stock. I don’t want to miss out on that chance again. If you are

If you want me to update you as soon as the PS5 pre orders go live, subscribe below and I will keep you updated.

I also have a PS5 Giveaway I’m running, I’m buying it with my own money and going to give it away to one lucky winner.


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