Your Favorite PlayStation Video Games

I would like to build a list of the top PlayStation video games going back to PlayStation 1. Please comment on your favorite PlayStation titles in the facebook comments below and if you can give some feedback on why.

My favorite PlayStation games have been with split-screen coop. Having a brother, it was always nice to be able to play together. These days, split-screen/coop seems to be gone, you need two systems and 2 games to play together lol.

My top PlayStation games that I can remember right now. I will update as my memory fades back in.

  • Call of Duty (the older titles, once people started flying, I didn’t want no part of it lol.

  • Grand Theft Auto (Cant remember all the versions I had over the years, but GTA 5 is my favorite, I still play it.

  • Final Fantasy ( I cant remember the exact release, but it was the double disk version for PlayStation 1, my buddy and I spent like 24 hours straight the first time we got it playing this game, it was so much fun. I think it was Final Fantasy 7, don’t quote me.

  • Army of Two ( all the versions, one of my brothers and I favorites, we enjoy a good coop/split screen missions. Great game, we beat them all, a bit too fast!

  • Uncharted ( Mostly fans of the coop/split screen wave/survival missions)

  • Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands – (fun game, beat it quick but you can always go around doing extra stuff, only crappy part, no split screen, need two systems and game.

I will take your comments and update the list below so we can see what common games we all play.

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